About us

Who are we?

Online Reputation Repair is a specialist service offered by Right Angles, a successful London-based PR company that’s been in business since 2001. We help business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals raise their profile.

Over the last few years, our clients have also asked us to remove their bad online search results. This experience means we have developed practical, hands-on expertise based on real results and we’ve gained a reputation for success in this area. We know what works and what doesn’t. We move very fast and use all our networks and skill. We can get rid of the bad content and repair your online reputation for good.

How do we charge?

Our service is a proactive, quick-response service. It is designed to do one job only: to repair your online reputation. This mean we look to achieve tangible results within three months and long-term restoration within a year - if not before.

We charge a fixed fee for three months initially. There is no long-term contract. You can terminate our relationship at any time and with no notice.

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